Saturday, May 30, 2009


I spent 3.5 hours in emergency yesterday for a x-rays again. Before they x-rayed the doctor informed me that I had also broke my ankle (this the other doctor neglected to tell me). He also informed me that I will not be taking the boot (walking cast) off in 6 weeks like the other doctor had told me but in 3-4 months.

There goes my summer with swimming and riding my bike or going for long walks. This really bites!!

Oh well, it is what it is and there is nothing I can do about it.

I over did it tonight. I wanted to get my planters out and plants in them. I was hoping to put flowers in the flower beds here but I guess the landlord is putting a deck over them so the pots are going to have to do.

I walked around Walmart and then I was planting the flowers and walking around and standing on the sidewalk in the yard and the walk is slanted and uneven. That was not an ideal situation with the boot. Now I am paying for it with a swollen and very sore foot.

I hope I didn't do any more damage to it.

The positive is that I have some flowers planted and I hope that it will brighten up the place. Now I have to find some Dianthous to plant along the side of the garage along the drive. I love that flower and all the pretty colours it comes in.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today is Pete's 11th Birthday! I can't believe it, it doesn't seem like it has been that long since I had him.

We are going to have his Birthday Party next weekend because another boy in his class is having one this weekend.

Pete is only going to have a couple boys over for a party and sleepover and he wants me to make him a LEGO cake.

Easy Peasy! Bake a cake in a loaf pan and cut the top flat, cook 6 mini cupcakes and do the same sick the cupcakes on top, ice and voila, you have a piece of LEGO!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

at home

Repete was not feeling well this morning and Truckerman had already left for work so that left me to stay with him. Not much going on at work today anyways and I do have to work saturday so that will make up for today. The overtime would have been nice though. Oh well, it is nice to spend some time at home and with my little man.

My foot is still sore obviously but I have been on it too much the last few days so this break today is helping. Last night we went to Walmart to get a few things and I had to take my crutches. Thank goodness that I did because my ankle was starting to bother me.

The other family that we carpool with to school the parents are both doctors and she told me that she wants me to have my ankle xrayed on Friday when I go in for them just to be safe.

On the weekend was the local parade and we were in it again. This year the boys rode on the company bus again but I got to ride on the horse drawn hearse. It is funny listening to people's reaction to it. There were quite a few pictures taken, a lot of clapping and waving and then there was a few people that were not sure what to think. That makes me laugh.

Some people that I have dealt with their reactions made me laugh because they would look at me, I would wave, there was the look of confusion and then there was the look of recognition come across their faces. Funny!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Thursday I decided to get a coffee cake from the store for dessert. Cutting it up after supper when the knife went right through the pan and into my finger. I went to the medicentre and by the time I got there I had it sealed up so a bandaid was the answer to that.

Friday I spent the day in the prep room embalming and that was a mess. I can not stand some of the people that I work with. I am not going to get into in tonight because it will only get me on a rant.

Truckerman and I had a bit of a tiff and I went to go for a drive to cool off and I didn't change my shoes and was wearing moccasins and I slipping and fell. I fell on my foot and broke it in 3 places. I am wearing the robo boot so I can adjust the tension, etc. and I won't need to keep getting new casts. Plus with the boot I will be able to walk with it after 10 days. I just can not drive because it is my right foot.

It could have been worse and I can still go to work.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

at work and not doing much

I am at work as you can see. I just did some things for my boss and there is a viewing going on at the moment but other then that not a whole lot is happening right now.

I don't like when it is too quiet but I don't like it when it is way too busy. Somewhere in between is nice because you have things to do but you are not running around crazy like.

Tonight I have to work and then go home and work to get ready for the weekend. I would like to get some more cleaning done and touch up my hair color (the white hair is really noticable at the moment). Tomorrow my frind Ammy is coming to give me highlights and bring over our patio table and chairs. I want to get the potatoes and eggs cooked for the potato salad and the veggies cut up for all the salads.

Friday I have to go to LUSH to get some more shampoo and conditioner, then I have a couple other places to go to pick up last minute things (like a pair of Spanks [these are supposed to be awesome a couple friends have them and swear by them]). I have to get some more of the salads done and the house cleaned and organized and a mountain of laundry to wash and put away. Susie and family is coming over in the evening to get things set up and to finish last minute things.

I am getting tired just thinking of all the things that need to get done. Maybe I should have taken Thursday and Friday off to get things done. OOHH!!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I'm exhausted from grocery shopping. The boys and I went to Costco and Superstore tonight. 2 hours of grocery shopping. UGH!! Then I had to bring all the groceries into the house and put them all away. I'm tired.

I have everything that I need to get things made for the weekend. I think. I hope.

We have a whole bunch of people coming for Truckerman and Susie's (Truckerman's cousin) Convocation Saturday. And we are having a BBQ that night.

I have so much to do between now and Saturday. I have to work tomorrow night and Truckerman is working tonight and maybe Thursday night, I have taken Friday off and Susie is coming over to help as much as she can (she is very pregnant if you know what I mean). I have to color my roots, cut all 3 boys hair, make a dessert, 3 salads, dips, set up all the patio furnature (1 set is Susie's and 1 is being given to us from my boss because he is getting a new set), getting highlights by my friend, clean my house, clean some more, and clean some more. And much, much more.

It is going to be a busy week.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Truckerman bought tickets for the 2 of us to go and see the bands Montgomery-Gentry and The Road Hammers. It was a great concert!!!

Then today the Road Hammers were doing a Trucker Appreciation Day and doing mini concerts at some of the Truckstops around the area.

We took the boys to the one truckstop after school and they got to see them and then had photos with the band and got their autographs. They were so excited to see them and meet them.

They even asked for requests and Pete asked for Thank God I'm a Country Boy and they sang it for everyone. That made Pete pretty excited. Repete danced and tapped his toes to the music.

A good time was had by all.